Doni Cordoni
Doni says thanks!

Doni Cordoni is an electronic music producer, remixer and DJ from Vancouver Canada. He first gained recognition on YouTube where several of his video game remixes went viral after being promoted by YouTube giants such as Vsauce2Household Hacker, and Video Game Dunky. Eventually, he caught the eye of the video game music record label GameChops, a friendship culminating in the ultimate 2015 release of Doni’s VGM remix album, Button Masher, an album mastered by DJ Cutman. Doni’s influences range from popular electronica to obscure, retro dance music. Nowhere is this more apparent than on his 2015 Future City Records release, Pirate Disco, an album influenced by Italo disco and video game music. Doni’s music is decidedly retro in theme and spans across many genres; most often house, chill-out or electronica.

2017 saw Doni releasing his EP, The Streets, once again on GameChops. After taking some time away from the studio, Doni plans on releasing as much as possible in the coming years ahead. Beyond the music, Doni began blogging in 2018 on his new website Brains + Brawn, where he plans to host his new comedy podcast. His mom once mentioned “he has a good sense of humor”, so this is a legitimate use of his time no matter what his girlfriend says.


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