Button Masher Legacy Edition is the original VGM remix LP by Doni released in 2010 on Doni Music – featuring electronica remixes of video game music.

About the Album

Button Masher Legacy Edition is a 30 track collection of tracks that represents Doni’s original foray into video game remixing, a habit he began in 2009. Obviously, the habit became an obsession, as Doni released new tracks weekly on his YouTube account. Eventually, he decided to release a honed version of this album on GameChops, but this was the original!

Release Date:

June 1st, 2010, on Doni Music

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Button Masher Legacy Edition - Bandcamp

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Button Masher Legacy Edition - YouTube


House; Electronica; Chill-Out; EDM; Downtempo


Too many tracks to list!

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