Pirate Disco is a Synthwave LP by electronic music producer Doni, released on Doni Music in 2018 – featuring music inspired by the Italo Disco of the 80s.

About the Album

Pirate Disco was composed by Doni, in response to his mother’s inquiry: “why can’t you just make normal music?” This is the soundtrack to the most amazing video game that doesn’t exist – but if it did exist, would be the most challenging, most intricate game ever created. Whoa.

This album was originally released in 2015 on Future City Records and it’s been completely revitalized for your enjoyment in 2018 on Doni Music. Press play, volume up.

Release Date:

September 21, 2018, on Doni Music

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Chillwave; Italo Disco; Synthwave; Retrowave; Future Synth; Outrun; Electronica; House; Chill-Out; EDM; Vaporwave


  1. Hi Girl
  2. Finish Line
  3. Chill For Dayz
  4. Tight Be Tonight
  5. Grayskull
  6. Heartburn
  7. Breakthru
  8. Sneak Attack
  9. Moby Dank
  10. This Time
  11. Touching My Soul
  12. 6 Million
  13. And Then It Changes

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