The Streets is an EP by electronic music producer Doni, released on GameChops in 2017 – featuring remixes inspired by the Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack.

About the Album

The Streets is an EP of tracks featuring VGM remixes of the music by composer and DJ, Yuzo Koshiro, from the game ‘Streets of Rage 2’. They just don’t make music like this in games anymore. Even though this game is so super old, the sound is still so super pristine. SOR2 was a 16-bit, side-scrolling, punch-em-up game originally released on The Sega Genesis in 1992 and was published, as well, by Sega.

Release Date:

March 11, 2017, on GameChops

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Chillwave; Italo Disco; Retrowave; Future Synth; Outrun; Electronica; House; Chill-Out; EDM; Vaporwave


  1. Go Straight
  2. Dreamer
  3. Wave 131
  4. Slow Moon
  5. Alien Power
  6. RobKTA Remix

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